Partnering with LivElite now could make all the difference.

The timing for LivElite couldn’t be better.

Lucrative Home-based Business

LivElite is ready to help you build a home-based business at a time when doing so has never been more mainstream or more lucrative.

Lucrative Home-based Business

Social Surge = Massive Influence

With the surge in social media and other technologies, a direct seller’s reach and influence grows by the day.

Social Surge = Massive Influence

Strategically Designed Company

LivElite has been strategically designed from its inception to learn from the past, leverage the present, and take advantage of the future!

Company Strategically Designed

Work the business and earn recognition and incentives all along the way!
A Few Reasons to LOVE LivElite and its Rewards:

  • Leaders from the industry are attracted to LivElite. Our Compensation Plan is lucrative and generous, paying out one of the industry’s highest percentages.
  • Simple and straight-forward. It’s surprisingly simple to understand and put into practice.
  • 8 Ways to Earn. Enjoy the flexibility of income streams. The Compensation Plan is designed to help you earn immediate income to enjoy the fruits of your labors with trips, travel, and cash bonuses given along the way!
  • Built for long-term success. Our plan has been carefully created with the full focus on our Independent Distributors winning.

Time Clock Or Time Freedom

Time is the one thing you can’t get back, spend it how you want.

Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to literally “PUNCH THE TIME CLOCK”? Well, you’re not alone in your yearning for more flexibility and freedom when it comes to work. We get it: you have a family, hobbies, and a bucket list.

There is another way, we promise. In fact, the millions of people who participate in direct selling all over the world today are living proof. At LivElite we honor your entrepreneurial spirit and take pride in providing you with an alternative to achieving your desired lifestyle.

Learn the keys of leveraging other people’s money, other people’s time, and other people’s knowledge and become Financially Free. Can it be LivElite today?

Welcome to Your New #WorkStyle

Your work always expects more from you; it’s time you expected more from your work. YOU are the person in YOUR LIFE that can make a CHOICE to become ALL YOU CAN BE – no one else. Not your spouse, friend, boss, dad, mom or siblings.


So why not you? LivElite provides you an alternative for earning a part or full-time income.

With LivElite you no longer have to compromise. Live your life, your way!